Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting

My Pain Consultant separates patient acquisition into two separate efforts. The first is Marketing, which is discussed HERE. The second is Sales, which involves how to handle the prospect that is generated from your Marketing efforts. Sales is discussed on this page.

In the good old days, there wasn’t a lot of Sales efforts involved in pain practices. Referrals came in from primary care practices, and patients got scheduled. And they showed up most of the time.

Three things have happened since then.

1. One is that 83% of Americans now use the internet which has extensive information from most of your competition.

2. The second is that more Americans are now taking charge of their healthcare, which includes making their OWN decisions on who to seek for care.

3. And the third is what makes America better than most other countries. Capitalism! Competition for acquiring pain management patients is now harder than ever as more practices pop up every month it seems.

So what to do? Once a prospect is generated and the Marketing efforts pay off, it is really just the beginning of the process. Sales kicks in, which is an art and a science. The best methods for Sales that have been cultivated in customer acquisition are completely applicable in the world of medicine due to that state of affairs today.

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Greene has seen all aspects of the Sales process including the great, the bad, the apathetic and the evangelical.

“I’ve practiced for years, then owned a practice for years, and now worked with practices for years. No one cares about your business like you do, but there are several methods of turning your staff into business evangelists so they will be ABC Rock Stars (Always Be Closing).”

Most practice owners feel that their sales agents are really just the schedulers. However, EVERYONE at the practice is a sales agent, including the providers! With the proper combination of attention, compassion, caring and expertise, all levels of employees and providers will play a role in both the internal and external sales process.

It is important to incentive your Sales agents, as most employees work best when their efforts are rewarded. My Pain Consultant separates prospects into A and B leads, with different Sales technique pathways for handling each.

Dr. Greene observed, “Unfortunately two things happen most of the time with practices. One is that the schedulers are woefully trained in sales techniques. This includes affect, attention and most of all there is no scripting. The second is incentives are usually not in place to reward success. As an hourly employee, would you feel compelled to miss ten minutes of your lunch hour to convince a prospect to schedule if it meant nothing to you?”

An effective sales strategy involves scripting. And the appropriate script needs to be followed EVERY time. The scripts (there are several) revolve around making the prospect the center of the story, since the prospect is truly the ONLY thing that matters in the sales process.

The Sales Consulting Team at My Pain Consultant routinely evaluates pain practices to delineate mistakes. You would be surprised at how many mistakes may occur in the process. These may be personnel inadequacies or systematic problems in the workflow.

As such, some mistakes are easy to fix while others are more in depth. But even with the best run practices, there are ALWAYS improvements to be made!

“We believe and teach the consultative sales approach which involves a three step process. Prospects do NOT care about YOU or YOUR PRACTICE, only what can be done for them. So the process we help institute revolves around being helpful to the prospect and the conversion rates are VERY HIGH when that is the case.”

My Pain Consultant has experts in all aspects of the Sales process. Practices will receive a comprehensive evaluation, with a subsequent deficit report. One of the main differences between My Pain Consultant and other management consultants is that My Pain Consultant will actually help institute the proper Sales techniques rather than just leaving it at the report.

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