Operations Consulting

My Pain Consultant’s crew has been involved in the complete spectrum of pain management including being in practice, owning practices, managing practices and evaluating them. What this means is you will be in the best hands when it comes to assisting your pain center to run efficiently, maximize production and eliminate waste.

The People

The most valuable assets of any pain practice are the people. The physicians, mid-levels, managers and staff breathe life into the center, and are the biggest factor in success. Our consultants will evaluate your center’s Organizational Behavior baseline to see where improvements can be made.

There may be issues with production, morale, a principal agent problem or simply a skill set mismatch. Whatever the issue(s), we will identify and assist with these areas. This includes staffing levels including FTE evaluations at all levels along with how well those FTE’s are producing.

One of the key issues at a pain management practice (or any practice), is a Principal Agent problem. Nobody cares about your practice like the stakeholders, but there are ways to incentive the staff and have them on board with the practice vision to go the extra mile. We will help you make that a reality.

Patient Flow

From pre-appointment interaction to the time while the patient is in the office, understanding the flow is crucial to optimizing practice efficiency. Are templates being used for patient scheduling so wait times are minimal? Are there standard operating procedures in place for patient intake, verification, ancillary supply, etc?

With a proper patient flow blueprint that includes standard operating procedures, many headaches will be cured. With our experience working with practices of all shapes and sizes, these issues will be rectified.

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

When it comes to billing, contracting and credentialing, there is no “black and white” answer as to whether insourcing or outsourcing is the way to go. Multiple considerations are at play including space, skill set, percentages and expertise. Our crew has experience with both and knows the ins and outs. The answer becomes obvious after our evaluation.

IT Optimization

A pain management practice needs to utilize first rate IT infrastructure. There are many aspects of this IT that will benefit your practice including your EMR, inventory, billing, procedure scheduling and more. We will take a look at your IT setup to make sure it is adequate, cost effective and producing the best results for the practice. It may be perfectly adequate or there may be room for improvement.


Healthcare changes frequently. Whether it’s changes in reimbursement, coding, standard of care, you need to be ready. My Pain Consultant will help you respond to these changes and remain viable and healthy!