Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

My Pain Consultant separates patient acquisition into two separate efforts. The first is Marketing, which is discussed on this page. The second is Sales, which involves how to handle the prospect that is generated from your Marketing efforts. Sales is discussed HERE.

The good old days of relying on physician referrals to fill up your pain clinic are gone. Did you know only 60% of those referred to your practice will ever show up? It’s true – a lot of referrals decide to make their own appointments after going online and doing research!

We live in a competitive world with prospective patients getting smarter all the time. There are a lot of smart consumers who are proactive with their healthcare needs these days. They have a problem, look it up online before or after seeing their primary doctor, and then find a clinic for treatment. Business to consumer advertising is now a requirement to keep up with your competition and help make the phone ring.

Did you know targeted advertising can help change your payer mix to your desired ratio?

Did you also know there are artificial intelligence methods to specifically target your best prospects online?

Initially, the practice’s Brand Identity needs to be evaluated to make sure it is crystal clear, consistent and effective. This includes the logo, color schemes, tag line, fonts and mission statement. The basics really do matter with how prospects feel about any and all marketing efforts they see!

My Pain Consultant has experience with traditional online patient acquisition, along with cutting edge methods involving behavioral intelligence that incorporates Big Data to not only acquire the types of patients you want, but less expensively than any other mediums you are currently using (except word of mouth).

Prospective patients know with just a few keystrokes they can search the web for centers that are close, physician reviews and insurance information. With over 83% of America online, and over 75% of internet users looking for health information, it’s just foolish not to exploit the web for patient acquisition.

What you want to do is hit those prospects at the right time with the right message, BEFORE your competition steals them away.

My Pain Consultant began out of a personal journey to build up a pain management clinic in a difficult setting. Dr. Greene built up his pain center with one location in a high income metro setting with LOTS of established competition, no insurance contracts and a shoestring budget.

“I spent thousands of hours learning how to build an effective online presence that made the phone ring. Within six months, we were busy with an Out of Network model where 80% of our patients came from online efforts,” said Dr. Greene.

He continued, “Eventually I wrote a book detailing the methods we used called ‘Healthcare Internet Marketing’ which sells well. I made so many mistakes early on, now I’m able to help pain practices frequently avoid them and save considerable resources in the process!”

In case you’re wondering, options for an effective online campaign include some or all of the following:

1. Blogging
2. Ebooks
3. White Papers
4. Testimonials
5. Articles
6. Pay Per Click
7. Newsletters
8. Local Business Directory Optimization
9. Social Media Marketing
10. Video Marketing
11. Press Releases
12. Email Marketing
13. Behavioral Retargeting
14. Big Data artificial intelligence methods

Dr. Greene’s YouTube video channels have garnered millions of views, and he has written over 5,000 press releases and articles over the past 5 years. His company US Lead Network writes a ton of content and applies all of the online methods to help pain clients nationwide.

“Too many practices feel like they need to advertise with ‘hype’ methods. In reality prospective patients don’t really care about your practice, rather, they care about what you can do for them. So the marketing efforts should predominantly be focused on education and outcomes so they will get excited!”

With the advent of Big Data, My Pain Consultant has brought on artificial intelligence marketing experts to harness the unstructured data from all types of sources to finesse marketing efforts. For instance, prospects might be posting on social media about their pain, or emailing about it. My Pain Consultant has developed specific algorithms to use Big Data methods to turn this unstructured data into usable marketing methods to reach the desired prospects at JUST the right time!

Additional methods of advertising including TV, Radio and billboards may be applicable depending on the particular market, number of locations and available resources. Of course, internal marketing for patient referrals is key and My Pain Consultant has extensive experience with how to generate them.

“Feet on the street” marketing with practice representatives offers an extremely cost effective method to acquire patients. It is an art form, getting to know the referring offices while developing trust and differentiating yourself enough to beat out the competition for the referrals.

My Pain Consultant will help you develop a marketing program that hits your prospects at the right time with the right message!